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Blister Packing

Have you ever wondered whether you took your tablets today? Many patients struggle to take their medication correctly. 

This can be particularly true when multiple medications have been prescribed or when there is visual or cognitive impairment. At Newtown Pharmacy we can organise your pills into individual blister packs with dosages organised by time and date to make it simple and easy for you or for those in your care to take the right medicine at the right time. 

We simply divide your tablets into separately sectioned blisters, clearly marked with the time of day, and the date when the tablets should be taken.  Both patient and their carer givers can clearly see whether medication has been taken. If you would like to avail of our blister pack service, just let one of our staff know and we will be pleased to assist.    

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Have your blood pressure monitored at Newtown Pharmacy.  it is a convenient and easily accessible service which can allay fears or indicate that further medical intervention may be needed. We also provide 24 hours hypertension screening and monitoring by providing a small blood pressure monitor which can be worn at home and throughout the night. This is extremely helpful if you have a family history of high blood pressure, low blood pressure or if you are feeling unwell and think it may be related to blood pressure issues. 

Blood pressure is the force of blood pushing against the walls of arteries as the heart pumps blood. It indicates how much work your heart needs to do to pump blood around your body. High blood pressure or hypertension can lead to serious health problems, including cardiovascular disease such as heart disease, stroke, vascular dementia, kidney problem and eye issues. The good news is that if detected, high blood pressure can be managed in most people by introducing specific lifestyle changes and/or medication.   
If you have high cholesterol, diabetes or a simply want to check that all is well following an irregular heartbeat. Contact our pharmacist today to avail of blood pressure monitoring.

Blood Sugar Testing

At Newtown Pharmacy we offer simple and quick blood sugar testing for diabetes.  It is advisable to get diabetes testing if you are experiencing all or any of the following symptoms, 

  • blurred vision  
  • an overwhelming thirst  
  • frequent urination 
  • tingling or numbness in your extremities.  
  • bruises that do not heal quickly  
  • weight loss and feeling generally unwell and fatigued     

It is a simple procedure, the pharmacist will prick your finger and place a drop of blood on a test strip. The test strip is placed into a meter that shows your blood sugar level. You get results in less than 15 seconds.

Put your mind at rest and pre-empt more serious issues by taking a simple blood sugar test today.

Body Mass Index (BMI) Check

A BMI test can be carried out without fuss or bother hear at your local pharmacy.  BMI can be used to assess the risk of developing certain health problems. Simply put, your body mass index means using the measurement of the amount of weight you carry relative to your height to work out if your weight is healthy. It is used to indicate and evaluate whether an adult is overweight. For example, people in higher weight categories can be at greater risk for certain diseases such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol, for liver problems and type-2 diabetes. 

At Newtown Pharmacy we can check your BMI by taking weight accurately and dividing your body weight in kilograms by your height in meters squared and advising of the results.  A high BMI can be combatted by many easy lifestyle changes and if this is necessary, your pharmacist and health professionals can advise.

Cardiovascular Health Screening

At Newtown Pharmacy, we offer cardiovascular health, or healthy heart screening which involves several of our health screening services combined, to assess overall cardiovascular health. This is a convenient and easily accessible broad screening of the main areas that indicate cardiovascular disease. It can include cholesterol, diabetes, BMI, and blood pressure checks. The screening takes place in the privacy of our consultation room and is ideal for those who are unable to access a doctor visit. The appointments are scheduled, and we ask that you fast prior to the testing in order to get a true and accurate result.   

 Screening for good heart health is essential when we consider the prevalence of strokes, heart attacks and ill health in the Irish population. Cardiovascular Health Screening is nonintrusive and simple. We always stress that these are screening services and don’t replace tests undertaken by your doctor. Should any heart screening results indicate a medical issue, we follow the Irish Heart Foundation guidelines in referring you appropriately to your doctor or medical professionals.

Cholesterol Testing

Cholesterol testing at your local pharmacy is painless, fast, and convenient, the cholesterol testing means taking a single blood drop from the fingertip and analysing it in a test system to ascertain the amount of cholesterol present. High Cholesterol or having too much cholesterol in your body can be a serious condition. Too much cholesterol causes the narrowing of the arteries leading to the heart and brain, significantly contributing to the risk of heart attack or stroke. Have your cholesterol tested in your local Newtown pharmacy by our trained staff. This simple test measures the total amount of cholesterol in your body and calculates both the good cholesterol (HDL, high density lipoprotein) and the bad cholesterol (LDL< low density lipoprotein) and the Triglycerides, which are a type of fat found in the blood.

When the results of your tests are available, the pharmacist will review these results with you and offer lifestyle or diet advice if your cholesterol level is slightly higher than normal and or advise on the necessity to contact your doctor or seek further medical assistance.

Diabetes Screening

Here at Newtown Pharmacy, we offer a comprehensive diabetes screening service. During a private appointment in our consulting room, the pharmacist will measure glucose levels to ascertain the amount of sugar in your blood. This is done with a small pin prick test and gives immediate results. Blood Pressure, waist size and Body Mass Index (BMI) will also be checked. Our strained staff will discuss all results with you and may highlight some lifestyle changes that help reduce your risk of developing diabetes, or, if necessary, may refer you to your General Practitioner if further intervention is advised. You’ll also get a copy of your results to take home with you.

Diabetes results from a lack of the hormone called insulin in the body and when the body does not respond or produce insulin. Insulin is released by an organ called the pancreas. It is responsible for letting sugar into the cells in the body to produce energy. Without insulin, sugar builds to an excess level in the bloodstream. A sedentary lifestyle also contributes to the onset of diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes is more likely to occur before the age of 35. Type 1 diabetes is when no insulin is produced. In order to control blood sugar levels, insulin must be injected to control glucose levels.

Type 2 diabetes is more prevalent in adults over 40 years of age. Type 2 diabetes occurs when a body makes some insulin. In some cases, they may be treated with diet, exercise, and weight loss. If other cases, anti-diabetic medication, or insulin injections may be required.

Left untreated, type 2 diabetes can cause long-term damage to kidney function, eyesight, to the hands and feet and significantly increase the likelihood of heart disease.

If you have any concerns about diabetes, book a screening at the pharmacy today.

Emergency Contraception

Emergency contraception, sometimes called the Morning After Pill or Plan B, is available without prescription, over the counter here at Newtown Pharmacy, subject to certain criteria. This is a safe and effective method of preventing pregnancy when regular contraception has failed or if no contraception was used. The service is available free to medical card holders. A fee applies to anyone without a medical card. Emergency contraception can be effective up to 120 hours after unprotected sex but is more effective the sooner you use it. To find out more contact our pharmacist for a discreet and confidential discussion.

Flu Vaccination

The most effective way to avoid contracting Seasonal Flu or Influenza is to avail of the flu vaccination programme. The vaccine can be administered as an injection or using an intra-nasal spray and it is recommended that you avail of the vaccine annually. This is especially important if you are older, immune compromised or in a high risk group.

Seasonal flu or influenza is an acute respiratory infection caused by flu viruses which circulate in all parts of the world. Symptoms include high temperatures, nasty cough, headache, muscle pain, joint pain, sore throat, and a runny nose. The flu can make you feel very unwell and although most people recover quickly, a severe influenza may result in hospitalisation and in extreme cases, even death.  

From Mid-September, the winter flu vaccine will be available at your local Newtown pharmacy, for children aged from 2 years upwards and to all adults, but to those aged 65 and over. Get the best protection against flu and its complications by arranging your flu shot with one of our team.

Free Delivery

We are pleased to offer our customers a free prescription delivery service. This is perfect for patients who may be housebound, busy carers, vulnerable or have difficulty coming into the pharmacy for any reason. If you would like to avail of the service, simply contact a member of the Newtown Pharmacy team.

Health Check

A health and lifestyle check is available at your local Newtown Pharmacy.  This is a general health test to highlight any risk factors and give an overview of broad health and allows for advice around improving your lifestyle and well being to lessen those risks.

Health Screening can include all or some of the following screenings

  • Blood Pressure Monitoring,
  • Cholesterol
  • Body Mass Index
  • Blood Sugar/Diabetes Screening
  • Cardiovascular Health Screening

All health checks are conducted in a private consultation room with our trained staff.   Look after yourself by accessing a simple health check and monitoring for any health risks. Early detection and small lifestyle changes can make a big difference to your health, general well-being and ultimately your life expectancy. 

Call in today and discuss a general Health Check with your friendly pharmacist.

Home Delivery Service

We offer a Free home delivery service right to your door for customers for our high-risk and vulnerable patients. If you would like to avail of this service, simply contact a member of the Newtown Pharmacy team and we will be pleased to assist you. The service is only available for our most vulnerable customers at this time. 

Medication Usage Review

A Medicine Usage Review from our dedicated Pharmacists will help you to understand and manage your medicines more effectively.

Do you have a lot of prescribed medication? Do you know why you are taking them and what the side effects might be? Perhaps you wonder whether over the counter products can be taken alongside your prescribed medication.   At Newtown Pharmacy, we provide this service to review patients medication explaining  what has been prescribed and  bringing clarity and  a greater understanding of their medical prescriptions.

Nutritional Supplements

Most of us get all the essential vitamins we need from a healthy balanced diet.  But there are times when we need a little extra boost.  Nutritional supplements can provide this. Your pharmacist can advise on the most effective vitamins and mineral supplements to take when you are feeling under par, or when lacking specific vitamins. Certain long-term medications may also cause side effects such as nausea or drowsiness which may affect your nutritional intake. From skin conditions to wound healing, from multi vitamins to magnesium, our trained staff have a wealth of knowledge on all the nutritional supplements to support and manage optimum health.

It is advisable to discuss nutritional and vitamin supplements with your pharmacist prior to purchase. Minerals and vitamins are classified as micronutrients and play a key role in the body's structures and functions.  Nutrients are essential for good health as they provide building blocks to form body structures, assist in regulating body functions and increasing energy levels. If you feel you could benefit from taking extra vitamin or mineral supplements, call in to day and start a conversation with our Pharmacist

Pneumonia Vaccination

Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs which can cause mild to severe illness. It is particularly risky for older people and very young children. Usual symptoms of pneumonia include a persistent cough, fever and difficulty breathing.  Although pneumonia is no longer vey common in Ireland, it is still the main cause in 5%of deaths annually. There are two kinds of pneumococcal vaccine available.  Pneumovax® is the type administered by your pharmacist and they can advise you if the vaccine is appropriate for you or if you need to contact your GP and avail of the other form of vaccine. The pharmacy vaccine protects against 23 types of pneumococcal disease and encourages your body to produce antibodies against pneumococcal bacteria.

Contact our pharmacist if you would like any mor information on the pneumonia vaccine.

Smoking Cessation

Quitting smoking is a challenging process and willpower alone may not be enough. Here at Newtown pharmacy, we are ready to support you on your smoking cessation journey. The pharmacy team can make recommendations on handling cravings and withdrawal and what is available to help with stopping smoking for good. We have many Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT), including patches, gum and inhalers that will assist in making quitting smoking successful.

 The health benefits of stopping smoking are immediate. Within 3 days, nicotine will have left your body and you will look and feel healthier. It will reduce the risk of life-threatening diseases, improve the air quality in your home, improve your sense of taste and smell and as if that was not enough, it will save you some considerable money.

The first stop in quitting smoking should be a visit to your local pharmacy. We appreciate that quitting smoking is not easy, and your success will be increased with good advice and supports. Call in and see us today.

Supply Nursing Homes

Newtown Pharmacy are pleased to supply our local Residential Care and Nursing Homes with all their pharmacy needs, including urgent orders and services,  With a dedicated team,  we offer a personal and professional close working relationship to all our care and nursing home customers, ensuring an ease of access to simple items from gloves, syringes, wipes to prescription medication.

Weight Management

Our pharmacist offer a weight management service to those who struggle with weight issues. We appreciate that is not easy to manage wight loss or gain on your own and professional support and advice can go a long way to ensuring success. The weight management techniques include long-term lifestyle strategies to promote healthy eating and the inclusion of certain supplements, vitamins and minerals. For tips and information, including weigh-ins, contact our team today.